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Learn the financial skills you need to increase profitability, get better cash flow and grow the value in your business

Learn to forecast & control your cash so you never worry about cash flow or paying taxes again. Master budgeting, forecasting, pricing & margins to take control of your bottom line profit.

Increase your profitability

Find out what financial reports you need every week & month, implement our tools, checklists & routines to gain solid and predictable financial control.

Build financial resilience

Learn to read and understand your numbers so you’re always in control and reduce financial stress. Overcome your limiting money beliefs and build a financial success mind set.

Achieve your financial goals

Decide your financial goals, create an actionable plan to get there and grow the value of your business. Use our wealth tracker tools to hold yourself accountable and beat your goals.

Practical implementation

  • Get clear on your financial goals
  • Create an actionable plan
  • Track your progress
  • Ongoing accountability and support

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Trust me, I've done my homework

I’m Serena Humphrey, FCMA CGMA, a leading finance coach in the UK.

As a Chartered Management Accountant, experienced Finance Director, and NLP Coach, I’ve spent the last 30 years working with business owners like you, making finance simple to understand, stripping out the jargon and complexity so that anyone can “get it”.

Your business has to afford your future

Did you know that it’s your business’s job to pay for your future?

That your business needs to be paying you enough. Putting enough into your pension. Growing in value so you’ve got something to sell one day.

Even if that seems unrealistic to you right now.

We’re here to inspire and support you to achieve your goals and create the life you want.

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More than just finance training

Financial success is about more than just the numbers. Our resource centre has articles, guides, recommended books and podcasts on everything from productivity and health hacks, goal setting, planning, growth, managing stress and lots more to help you fast track your progress.

And we’ll show you how to break your old money patterns and wire your mind set for financial success.

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Our team of coaches

Our team of leading financial coaches are all highly experienced financial directors with decades of experience and a huge passion to help small business owners achieve their dreams.

We’ll show you the fastest and most effective ways to get a grip on your finances.

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Flexible learning

  • 10 step blueprint to consistent financial success
  • Over 100 bite-sized videos
  • Templates, tools and calculators
  • Spot financial coaching with our FD team
  • Learn at your own pace

Live events

  • Monthly virtual board meeting
  • Quarterly planning
  • Expert interviews
  • Workshops
  • Roundtables

Community of business owners

  • Like minded ambitious business owners
  • Daily conversation and inspiration
  • Share your wins, get help with your challenges

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Dynamic online financial training with inbuilt community

Based on 30 years of financial knowledge, experience and insights, the Academy is a structured process, carefully designed to consistently improve your bottom line financial results.

The Academy Explained

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Financial routines and controls


In the recession of the early 90s I had a trio of financial disasters; my parents lost their business and home, I lost the house I’d proudly bought when I was 18 and the fast-growing £10m business I worked for as accounts manager went dramatically bust. I personally had to tell hundreds of people they’d lost their jobs.

My parents and my bosses lost everything they’d worked all their lives for.

It was a deeply upsetting and disturbing time, and I needed answers. How could this happen? How could such a vibrant business, and so many jobs just be gone? How could that much passion and hard work just be lost?

And so it became my driving force to understand what had happened and to find ways to stop it happening to other people. To help business owners like you not only survive but create the level of financial success and security I know you deserve.

As I qualified as an accountant l discovered none of it needed to happen.

It was all completely avoidable

I’ve now been running my own business for over 20 years, working in and with hundreds of small businesses. Working out what it takes for a business owner to create consistent financial success in any economy.

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"For those business owners trying to pick their way through these uncertain times, I can very highly recommend the F Word Academy. Top-quality financial training, vibrant debate, emotional and mental support in a community of business people wanting to be that bit better every day."

Carl Benefield
Managing Director, Refresh Business Ltd

"A fantastic, practical resource that shows you exactly how to take control of your finances. Serena has crafted an immense pool of practical tools and guidance that will help your business build additional financial resilience to achieve that balance between short term survival and achieving your longer-term goals."

Paul Crick
Managing Director, Elevate Partnership

"The academy is unique – not only does it provide amazing finance training delivered by Serena, but it is also community of like-minded, committed business owners, all willing to share and support one another to move to the next level."

Stuart Ross
CEO, High Growth

"I’m a self-confessed procrastinator when it comes to dealing with anything ‘finance’. It’s out of my comfort zone and I just don’t get it. Being in the Academy has not only made me think about important questions I need to be asking about my business, it is making me accountable for getting things done and all championed by fellow members."

Fiona Ritchie
Director, We Love Creative Ltd

Going into the Covid crisis I knew we didn’t need to panic. Working with Serena I’ve built strong financial foundations and had all the tools I needed to remodel our finances quickly, with certainty we’d be ok for cash because of how we run the business now.

Jenny Brewer
Finance Director, Warranty Administration Services

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